Sunday, January 13, 2008

Proud Mom Moments

Just had to share... My oldest daughter was one of only 2 freshmen to make the Varsity volleyball team at school this past fall. And one of only 4 freshmen to ever make the Varsity team during the tenure of the current coach, which as been about 8 years. So we're pretty proud of her, as you can imagine! Naturally, she earned her varsity letter already for this accomplishment, and my parents generously helped pay for her varsity jacket, which we picked up yesterday. So tomorrow could possibly be the first Monday ever that Kaylie can't wait to go to school! So I just had to share these pictures of her downtown, right after we left the store.
Thanks for stopping by, and for letting me brag a little on my baby!


Becky G said...

That's fantastic, Tammy! She looks very proud of her accomplishment and she should be!

Lise Roy said...

You must be very proud of her!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and well done to your daughter! :)

Your cards are just fantastic too! :)

** Isa ** said...

Congratulations to Kaylie and she looks very proud in her jacket!!!

Hugs xxx

Cathy Rulli said...

How cool for her! Congrats! I remember when I got my letter jacket! I wore that thing everywhere! I still have it came in handy when dd had a sock hop and we had to dress in 50's, I graduated much later than that but the "look" was still there! Enjoy!!

michelle sturgeon said...

Well, congratulations to her! LOVE the jacket!

Dawn Wheeler said...

Big congrats to your daughter on making the team ,
she looks so cool in her jacket ,Dawnxx

Michelle B said...

Congrats to your daughter! The jacket looks great!


Melissa said...

That's wonderful Tammy! Woo hoo!!

Anonymous said...

YOU GO KAYLIE!!! Volleyball ROCKS!!
Becky (oneo f your Mom's fake online friends)LOL!

Sewflake said...

Congrads to your daughter, coast looks fab on her, She does too...look fab that is.

Simply Shaz said...

Congratulations to your daughter for making the team :)
The jacket looks fabby!
Shaz x