Sunday, January 6, 2008

Kitchen Sink Stamps store

Good Sunday afternoon! I hope everyone has had a nice relaxing weekend! Mine has been super-busy, and I'm presently trying to attend to some computer catch-up time, and reorganizing my stamp area a little. It was starting to look like a storm blew through! I also spent some time today hanging a make-shift door to my stamp area in the basement! I have a whole, large corner of our basement for my stamping... I've been known to call it the Stampin' Sanctuary, but lately my husband has been referring to it as the Stamping Cave! Anyway, the corner is sectioned off from the rest of basement with large bookshelves that form two walls, but there's a large opening at the corner where the shelves don't meet. So I spent a little time nailing an old bed sheet across the opening for dual purposes. One, to try to keep in a little bit of the heat that comes from space heater. And two, to keep out our ornery cat! She has been found lying on top of my tables, and therefore on top of whatever I've been working on and have left there. Also, she's very fond of organdy ribbon, as evidenced by all the chewed up ribbon I've found recently! Darn cat! She's bored... I'll be glad when spring arrives and she can go outdoors and prowl!

Anyway, wanted to mention to Mary who commented recently on my last post! You asked me a question but when I click on your name, there's no profile for you so I can't contact you. :) You can purchase Kitchen Sink Stamps here... Maria Colosimo is the owner of the company, and you can check out her blog here... She posts updates every now and then on the blog to let everyone know when new releases are coming (AWESOME Valentine sets coming very soon!) and there have been some fun contests recently, too! So watch for news on the blog!

Thanks everyone for stopping by! Hopefully I'll get back down to the Stamping Cave before the day is through and have some creations to show you!

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Dawn Wheeler said...

Big congrats Tammy ,so pleased to be working with you on the pink cat studio team ,Dawnxxx