Monday, June 25, 2007

Good Dog!

Well, Dexter is being a really good boy, and we had an uneventful night with him! The only disappointment came from the girls 'cause they wanted him to sleep upstairs with them, and he's just not too fond of stairs yet so he wouldn't go up! Got up at 5:00 and went outside with Daddy to do his business! Mommy decided to talk him for a walk about 5:40 'cause he's full of energy this morning! As you can see by the pictures... I wiped him out with just a little jaunt around the block!

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Unknown said...

Can he get any cuter? Love the name Dexter, he looks like one too. I am sure in time he will be upstairs snuggling with the girls, pushing them out of their beds to get comfortable LOL wubs Gretchen